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You probably know that gingivitis is something you would rather avoid, but do you know exactly what it is, or what causes it? Do you know exactly what gingivitis can do your teeth or what you can do to avoid the problem altogether? Did you know that you could be dealing with gingivitis and not even be aware of the problem?

If plaque isn’t removed, it will eventually turn into tartar. Unfortunately, tartar usually builds up is at the base of your teeth and will irritate your gums. Gingivitis can be caused by more than poor hygiene. For instance, you’ll be more prone to gingivitis if you’re pregnant, going through puberty or menopause, have diabetes or have a vitamin deficiency.However, please note that while tartar is one of the main causes of gingivitis, it can be very dangerous to remove on your own. Unlike plaque, tartar is a hard substance that should be removed by a dentist. In fact, if you try to remove tartar on your own, you could damage your teeth and your gums.Similarly, if you try to treat gingivitis at home, you could actually be putting your health at risk. To treat gingivitis, you’ll need to remove plaque and tartar. Unfortunately, if they aren’t removed correctly, you could develop infections. This infection can lead to a number of problems, especially if harmful bacteria is able to enter your bloodstream.