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A healthy smile is important for your overall wellness, but sometimes, keeping your teeth in pristine condition can be difficult, especially on your own.  To keep you and your family’s smiles healthy and strong, we offer preventive and maintenance services at the office of Dr. Behzad Abadi. Our team of dentists helps to give families excellent oral health care by providing general and family dentistry in Encino and Downey, California.  


What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry includes prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of your oral health care needs. It encompasses several dental treatments that are aimed at helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime. Our dentists and dental team will evaluate and address your primary concerns for your smile while also providing you and your family with a comfortable and enjoyable dental experience. 

Whether you’re bringing your child for a simple dental checkup or you need a more complex restorative procedure like root canal treatment, we’re here to care for your family’s smiles. Our experienced dentist is pleased to provide comprehensive general and family dentistry to meet all of your dental needs and goals for a healthy, beautiful smile.


Our General & Family Dentistry Services


Dental Cleanings

Dr. Abadi and our dental team will keep your smile healthy with routine dental cleanings at our Encino and Downey dental practices. We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth to prevent possible gum disease-related issues.

Our dental hygienists use specialized tools to get rid of stubborn plaque and tartar that normal brushing can’t get rid of. It’s recommended that patients should visit our dental practice for routine dental cleanings every six months


Dental Specialities

At our dental practices, we can meet every patient’s dental needs with our variety of dental specialties. You’ll be able to leave our office with a healthier smile and oral health, thanks to treatment based on your unique needs. We can also refer you to a dental specialist if your case is complex, so you can achieve optimal results.


Dental X-rays

Thanks to the latest advancements made in dental technology, Dr. Abadi can closely examine your oral condition with our dental X-rays. Our dental X-rays allow us to see if there are any underlying issues such as tooth decay, infection, and other dental problems. Thanks to these scans, we’ll be able to treat issues before they can worsen and cause further damage to your oral health. 


Emergency Dental Care

While the chances are small, a dental emergency can happen anytime, any day. If you experience any dental emergencies, we encourage you to contact one of Behzad Abadi DMD’s dental practices so we can help you receive the care you need as soon as possible. Emergency dentistry will help not only alleviate pain and discomfort but also keep any damage to a minimum. 


Fluoride Treatment

When you visit our dental offices for routine dental cleanings, you can also opt for fluoride treatment. Our dentist recommends fluoride treatment to help rebuild your teeth’s enamel and strengthen their resistance to cavities. We provide professional fluoride treatment in the form of gel, foam, and varnish.


Foods to Avoid

It’s important to know what foods to avoid or cut down on to keep your smile healthy and beautiful for years to come. Dr. Abadi believes in educating our patients to ensure their oral health stays optimal. When you come in for your dental visits or treatments, we’ll recommend you ease up on the consumption of or avoid certain foods so you don’t do further damage to your smile.


Mouth Guards

If you participate in strenuous activities, you can benefit from a mouth guard to keep your smile healthy and free of pain. Our customized mouthguards are designed to effectively keep your mouth protected as you play your favorite sport. Contact our office to learn more about this revolutionary appliance. 


Oral Hygiene

It’s important to maintain your oral hygiene routine as it’s the most important factor in a healthy smile. Visiting our California dental practices biannually for professional cleanings can help ward off potential dental problems. However, it’s important to keep your mouth fresh and clean with proper at-home oral hygiene


Periodontal Care

If you suffer from gum disease, Dr. Abadi provides periodontal care at our California offices. If gum disease is left untreated, the disease can spread through your bloodstream, leaving you vulnerable to health consequences like heart disease. With periodontal care, Dr. Abadi can treat the infection before it can progress further. 


Tooth Extractions

If your tooth is far from salvageable, tooth extraction may be necessary. In certain situations, keeping your tooth will only worsen your oral health, with tooth extractions, we can save your tooth and oral health. Rest assured that we’ll only suggest tooth extraction if it’s necessary. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I visit the dentist?

We encourage all of our patients to visit us at least once every six months. During these routine appointments, we’ll provide a thorough dental cleaning and exam to make sure that your smile is in good health. Depending on your individual dental needs, you may need to come to our office more often. If you notice any type of dental pain or damage or experience a dental emergency, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to receive the high-quality dental care you need. 


Why is oral hygiene important?

By maintaining your oral hygiene routine, your smile will look and feel its best. Failure to practice the proper oral hygiene routine can lead to oral health complications, such as:

  • Gum disease
  • Decayed teeth
  • Loosened teeth

Your smile will be healthy and strong by keeping up with your oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and checkups. Schedule your appointment today to learn how our dental team can protect and enhance your smile. 


What’s the difference between general and family dentistry?

General dentistry and family dentistry are very similar, however, there’s a small difference. A family dentist specializes in dental procedures for all ages. A general dentist might treat children but is more focused on young adults and adults. 


Keep Your Smile Healthy With Dr. Abadi

With our general and family dentistry services, we can protect and enhance your and your family’s smiles for years to come. Call our Encino office at (818) 990-5900 or our Downey office at (562) 862-8128 to schedule your consultation today. 

Dr. Abadi proudly offers his years of expertise to patients in Encino and Downey, CA as well as surrounding areas like Calabasas, North Hollywood, Lakewood, Buena Parks, and East Los Angeles, CA. We look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!