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Five Foods and Drinks Known to Stain Teeth

There’s nothing quite like a set of nice pearly whites; and when you’re someone who possesses such a gift, you will probably do whatever is possible to protect it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of foods and beverages out there that have been known to stain or discolor teeth. Some of the culprits like tea and coffee are no-brainers, but there are a handful of other foods and beverages that have similar negative effects—and people don’t often know about these.

Below Are Five Foods and Beverages Known to Stain Teeth

  • Red Wine – A glass of red wine is great with dinner sometimes, but this delightful beverage has been known to stain and discolor teeth almost as much as coffee and tea. The occasional glass of red wine is fine; it may just be wise to brush shortly after drinking it.
  • Soy Sauce – The sauce that makes classic stir-fry so good is also a sauce that’s dark coloring says on your teeth after consuming it.
  • Fruit Juice – If you’re someone who fancies a glass of cranberry or grape juice in the morning, you should be advised that these dark juices have been known to stain and discolor teeth.
  • Balsamic Vinegar – A salad tossed with some balsamic vinegar compliments any good meal, however this tasty dressing and its dark pigmentation has been known to stain and discolor teeth.
  • Tea and Coffee – These two beverages contain tannin—a yellow-brownish, bitter-tasting organic substance present in some galls, barks, and other plant tissues; the tannin is what stains and discolors teeth, and this fact has been known for a very long time.

What Can I Do?

The answer to most cosmetic dental problems is simple: brush! If you’re worried that the foods and beverages you’re consuming are staining your teeth, you should make a habit of brushing your teeth after you eat and drink.