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Maintain that healthy, brilliant smile and keep feeling your best.
Keeping up with oral hygiene is an endeavor every individual, regardless of age, should pursue
in order to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums for as long as possible. Good oral and
dental hygiene are paramount if you want to stand a chance in the fight against bad breath, tooth
decay, and gum disease; and at the end of the day, don’t you want to keep your beautiful teeth as
you get older? At My Encino Dental, experts will provide you with the kind of dental care that
will keep your teeth healthy and looking great for many years to come.
It seems like every day researchers are discovering more and more reasons as to why people
should brush and floss. One thing’s for sure: if you don’t want to come down with a bevy of
illnesses and medical disorders, keeping a healthy, clean mouth is essential. You may not have
known this, but individuals who develop serious gum diseases are at more of a risk to have a
heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes, or preterm labor. Don’t risk disaster just because
you are lazy. Find time to brush at least once day.

A Healthy and Radiant Smile Is Assured at My Encino Dental
If you’re looking for a healthy, vibrant smile that is going to last a lifetime, consult Dr. Behzad
Abadi and the team at My Encino Dental about how to begin your routine cleanings.
At My Encino Dental, we brush, scale, and floss your teeth for you in order to assure that you’re
protected against debilitating ailments like tooth decay and gum disease. Examinations and
cleanings are two of the most routine, yet essential, procedures offered at the My Encino Dental
We’re always looking forward to helping new clients look and feel their best. Try us out!